Day of the Dead w/ The Widdler, Thelem, T-Man + More

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Double trouble Tuesday with two of the finest in the game!


Born in Tel Aviv and living in Austin, TX, The Widdler has been playing and producing music since he was 10. Renowned in the American dubstep scene since his inception, the Widdler releases such as Sensei Samurai , Froggy Style, and Lady Dub are regarded as classics in the bass genre. Supported by artists like Bassnectar, Mary Anne Hobbes, Excision, Bukez Finezt, and 6Blocc, member of US imprints Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz, and MalLabel Music, represented by Circle Talent Agency, and most recently signed to Owsla Records, The Widdler is widely recognized as an innovator and originator of dub sound. Constantly practicing, The Widdler incorporates mix sessions into his daily routine, which translates to his flawless performances at shows; headlining with the likes of Doctor P, Reso, Ajappai, and Tipper throughout the world. Currently spending his time between gigs in the studio, The Widdler is working hard to bring the freshest tunes to his fans, with his newest releases to drop in 2013. Taking influence from various genres of music and lifestyle, his tunes comes in all shapes and colors. From the chilled reggae dubs and blue mood atmospheres to the mean menacing throbs of bass and percussion, The Widdler knows how to weave his musical roots with his production that makes each set entirely special. Sit back, light a spliff, and enjoy the sounds of The Widdler


If there’s any artist successfully straddling genre lines, it’s Thelem. The London-based DJ and producer rose to notoriety in the international dubstep scene, but to label him as a “dubstep producer” does a disservice to the artist’s stylistic versatility. Thelem’s dubstep tunes are sound system staples around the world, however, many of his releases are impossible to categorize as anything but bass music. His catalogue jumps around obscure BPM’s, settling often at the prescribed 140, or the 160+ range that characterizes drum and bass. Thelem’s newest release – the We Ain’t The Same EP – features a fusion of classic dubstep styles, the contagiously danceable sound that epitomizes UK grime, even elements of the bass-heavy party style known in America as “trap”. Younger fans of electronic music devised an appropriately ambiguous label suited for Thelem’s postmodern productions: “Future Bass”.

It is notable, then, that Thelem’s production is inspired largely by the past. His earliest releases date to 2011: as far as the 140 tradition is concerned, this is relatively recent. But Thelem’s style has more in common with pre-2011 dubstep than the genre’s more popular commercial offshoots. His tracks focus on movement through the gradual build and release of tension rather than relying on the impact of clearly defined “drops”. Compared to the commercialized renditions of electronic music, Thelem’s style could be considered minimalistic. However, his music is more suited for celebration than meditation. His tracks create epic moments on the dance floor. The 2014 release “Haunted Harmonics” is a sound system staple destined for classic status. Likewise, “Foul Play” (released as part of the Artikal Music UK 2014 compilation) is familiar to anyone who passes their nights at dubstep parties.

Thelem’s work with vocalist T-Man is perhaps his most impressive. 2013’s “Bring Me Down” (Innamind) is an irresistible underdog anthem that captures the headstrong dedication that characterizes the underground ethos (“I ain’t got time for no waste kids tryna tell me that I’m not gonna make it”). The title track for his most recent EP, “We Ain’t The Same”, re-iterates the theme with an equally compelling energy. The release also includes a second track with T-Man. “Mind Games” is a drum n’ bass banger for those unwilling to slow down.

Ever since his emergence in the scene, Thelem’s presence has pervaded the UK community. Appearances at nights like GetDarker and Fabric mark him as a mainstay in the heart of the culture. But following his Artikal Music UK releases, Thelem’s name is known well outside the 140 circle. Headed by genre figurehead and cultural curator J:Kenzo, the Artikal Music UK label is a leader in audible innovation. With releases from artists like Sleeper, Truth, Piezo, and J:Kenzo himself, the label features heavy bass music that stretches the dubstep tradition into uncharted territory. Thelem’s Haunted Harmonics EP is among the most structurally diverse collections to rise from dubstep’s sphere of influence.

Thelem’s music is a declaration: the future is now.

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101 Sixth Street @ Mission St, San Francisco
10PM-2AM . 21+ . Free Champagne for Ladies!

SF Rated Best Sound System · Swanky & Vibey · Amazing Drinks & Specials · Free Photo Booth!!

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►The Void Acoustics Soundsystem
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