Daedelus + Huxley Anne: Concert & Conversation

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    The Midway SF


The Midway presents
Daedelus & Huxley Anne: Concert + Conversation
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2zAVkcN

Daedelus & Huxley Anne explore artistic identity and creative process in conversation, Q&A and performance. Support from Krakinov.

// Lineup //

Huxley Anne

// Illuminating conversations //

Daedelus: Perceptions of Performance

Building on his previous TEDx talk about methodologies for engagement on stage, Daedelus addresses what it takes to have a compelling performance and inventive productions. Across stages around the globe, Daedelus has shown that when it comes to electronic music, the instrument isn't only what your hands are on, but rather the venue itself (audience included).

Huxley Anne: On Cyborg Autonomy

By shifting focus from the body to the self and from the technologies of domination to the technologies of self, women can reclaim power through shaping their artistic identity. Huxley Anne’s talk will offer a new outlook on the four stages of “cyborg” autonomy as it relates to music technology — from dependence, to dissonance, to apprenticeship, to competent artistry, a new framework emerges, re-imagining the process of creation as a tool for the social transformation of contemporary music culture.







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