Cuddles + Bass

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Cuddles & Bass is back from hibernation and this time, we’re slipping into something more comfortable...

Cuddles & Bass: Blanket Fort Pajama Party

Come snuggle up with your favorite pile of plush and join The Disco Chateau family in The Cuddle Puddle!

The bears have chosen a beautiful venue and are clawing at the chance to wine and dine you well into the night. We're beary excited to create an unfortinbelievable experience for this pawty! Put your busy life on paws for a moment and join us for an immersive, paw-inspiring soiree. We're not going to make any blanket statements and tell you what to wear, but we'll be pajammin' the night away.

Proceeds raised for Disco Chateau will help us double The Puddle in size

Sip bubbles all night or indulge in some tasty treats provided by: No Bull Food.

Flying in directly from deep space to bring some Deep Playa bass...
Dude Skywalker
Benjamin Jorgens
& more!

We are also helping launch an online and offline initiative to keep The Burner vibe alive 365 days a year and allow our community to connect beyond The Burn. Learn more about our new "Place" for Burning Man at the party.

Teddy, set, go!!



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