Common Ground Presents Mood II Swing


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COMMON GROUND is extremely proud to present MOOD II SWING at 7TH WEST in West Oakland.

7TH WEST is a brand new indoor/ outdoor Oakland venue in partnership with Oakland's own GOOD MOTHER art gallery. The venue is one block from West Oakland BART Station and is easily walkable.

This will be a noon to midnight party that will cater to house heads, music lovers, art fans, bay area locals and visitors alike. There will be food, music, friends and family. Legends MOOD II SWING will be headlining, with support from COMMON GROUND residents and a slew of bay area talent including:

Ally Afortunado
Anthony Bunyan
Anthony Mansfield
CJ Larsen
Dennis Ruiz
Ed Mazur
Fil Latorre
Heather B
Jamie Swing
Joey Alaniz
Mario Dubbz
Mike Frugaletti
Rachel Torro
Wichita Ron
Tyrel Williams
Vedda Vicevich

Sound by: Know Audio

Local Venders:
Dirty Blonde

DulTay Sustainable Clothing

Collectively, songwriter-producer, Lem Springsteen, and composer-producer, John Ciafone work together as the production duo known as Mood II Swing. They met in the early 90s as members of a recording group where John and Lem wrote and produced tracks together. Prior to their meeting, one might consider them worlds apart. John was inspired by classical music, rock, and hip-hop. He began as a DJ and started producing music with an underground hip hop group on Long Island, New York, in the mid 80s. Lem was writing R&B songs, at a tender age and gigging a single signed to Chrysalis UK around the NY club circuit. Both, musically trained and inspired by international Pop music of the early 90s, Lem and John decided to forge their worlds and begin producing music together.

Mood II Swing first started by working together on original material in the early 90s, which was well received by DJs in the NY club scene. Their sound blended different styles within dance music, which was unique at the time. Thanks to the influence of NY House DJs & veteran producers, such as Masters at Work, Mood II Swing also started remixing songs for major label & indie recording artists.

Eventually, a symbiosis was created where Lem’s chords and musical progressions would inspire drums, keyboards, and arrangements by John. Likewise, John’s drum programming, basslines, and keyboards became the foundation for Lem to write lyrics and melodies. Mood II Swing began to apply their unique style to their own productions, as well as remixes. Mood II Swing’s name recognition turned the start-up music production company into a group name with a cult following of House music lovers, globally. The duo is responsible for many dance floor gems and the radio crossover hit “Free” by Ultra Nate.

Currently, in the post millennium, with a resurgence of early 90’s House music, John Ciafone and Lem Springsteen have rejoined as a production team to showcase their music in DJ sets. Mood II Swing are now working with UK Agency, Air London, and they intend to showcase their music to new generations of House music lovers through the release of their classic tracks and new productions.



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