Carla's Birthday Tutu Tuesday featuring Philipp Jung

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Fresh off the high vibes of a 10 year anniversary celebration, I am thrilled to announce that the forever charming, forever talented, forever Philipp Jung is gracing us with an all night set to celebrate my 34 years on this planet!!

The last time he played for Tutu Tuesday was post burn, Sept 2013 with spectacular results. It was a special guest announcement and one of the all time greatest attended events tutu date. Philipp was drenched in sweat from head to toe (there is photo evidence) and he surprised me with a closing track that was not Fleetwood Mac (everyone's go tutu at the time).

From the very first time I met Philipp, I knew he was a special one and when he called me over to thank me for dancing--it sealed the deal. We have shared a beautiful connection in music and dance that has only gotten more deep as the years go by. I am SO excited that he is able to join us for a special engagement that YOU will help make so memorable for us all.

Pretty please save the date for my birthday festivity at the one and only Great Northern. Save us a little Memorial Day Weekend sugar, will you? I can hardly waiiiiiit!!!!

$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm



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