Love Over Entropy (LIVE)

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▶︎ LOVE OVER ENTROPY (live) - L.A. debut -

:: Saturday, August 4
:: 10pm - 2am
:: 21+
:: El Cid, Silver Lake

☞ LOVE OVER ENTROPY ‘live’.......{SoHaSo/Lossless, Amsterdam}
While difficult to pinpoint, Love over Entropy’s music can be described as hypnotic, deep, atmospheric with a tender and soulful touch, paradoxically combining an obsessive attention to detail with plenty of space for chaos and chance. Utilizing slowly unfolding arrangements which glisten with organically interwoven rhythms and shimmering melodies, his music undeniably draws you in.
A journey that has led him trough different phases and monikers, finally landing on Love Over Entropy with his ‘Off The Grid EP’ on Something Happening Somewhere late 2013. After being picked up by heavyweights like Mano Le Tough, Âme and Laurent Garnier, it seemed he was on to something. Subsequently gaining more momentum with the ‘Tonii EP’ on SoHaSo in the spring of 2015, of which Dixon liked the original so much, he offered to do a remix. The rest is history.

☞ AARON JACOBS...........{Wülfpack/Krafted, LA}
Aaron manages Dj collective Wülfpack with a lovable pack in Los Angeles. His sets always stand apart from others with his eclectic selections and ability to seamlessly transition from one mood to the other.

☞ MASSIO...........{Techlepatic/Genius Loci, LA}
Co-Founder of LA based label Techlepatic and Genius Loci FEST Baja Mexico, Massio always brings deep, Burning Man playa inspired selections into his well crafted sets.

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