Solid Gold Jacuzzi Block Party feat. Rob Garza


August 6th, from 12pm – 9 covering the entire block of Utah St directly in front of Great Northern is…

** Burning for A Cure **
A Benefit for Cancer Research

Teaming with groups Airpusher, Solid Gold Jacuzzi, Space Cowboys, Disco Knights, Distrikt, Opulent Temple, and Disco Katz we’ve worked to create a full day of pure magic. Nine hours, from 12pm-9, three stages out doors and one inside the Great Northern will be thumping with some of the Bay Area and Playa favorites alike


Directly supporting:

* Beats For Boobs

Beats for Boobs® (b::b) is a collaborative celebration of art, fashion, food, music and education. We raise awareness and funds for local breast cancer organizations that promote prevention or provide support services within the Bay Area breast cancer community. We rely on the generosity of our community to make Beats for Boobs a festive, philanthropic, fundraising force! Events are 100% volunteer-led and generous in-kind donations keep overhead low to maximize financial impact.

* Compute For Cancer

We harness unused computing power and dedicate it to researchers working towards a cure for cancer. Compute for Cancer is where IoT meets distributed computing.

There are approximately 2 billion active global Android devices. With only 1 million active users, BOINC’s available computing power will increase tenfold and provide equal the power of the fastest conventional supercomputer.


Music. Food. Art. Crafts. Love.

Featuring four stages….

***Solid Gold Jacuzzi (Featuring the Twerkulator bus)
Rob Garza
Benjamin K (You’re Welcome)
Tobin Ellsworth (Pink Mammoth)
Shane One
Iwata (Pile Palace)
Enzo Muro (Electronic Groove)
Prehistoric Reptiles
Brunch Life
Skyler Redondo (Reptile Society)

*** The Great Northern
DJ M3 (Disco Knights)
Shiny Objects (Disco Knights)
Syd Gris (Opulent)
Darren Grayson (Distrikt)
Papa Lu (Kazbah)
Ali (Kazbah)
Halloran (Kazbah)
Dj Elvi (Distrikt)
Mystr Hatchet (Dusty Rhino)
Dgutti (Disco Katz)
Jonboy (Disco Katz)
Marky Ray (Brass Tax)
Ding Dong (Brass Tax)
Snee (Pile Palace)

Black Velveteen
Cptn Jay
Dj Cue

*** Space Cowboys
Brad Robinson
Kapt N' Kirk


Outside and Inside event
Cash and Card capable
Food trucks
No ins and outs
Atm’s on site



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