Bubble ft. Leathal, Craig Kuna & Joel Conway


•º*˚ BUBBLE ˚*º•
º˚ 424 Haight Street - Deep Haight, CA 94117 ˚º
º˚ Thursday August 13th, 2015 ˚º
º˚ 9:09pm - 2:00am ~ 21+ ˚º
º˚ Always Free ˚º

• º º • Let's • º º • Boogie • º º • Baby • º º •

º˚º˚º˚º˚ LEATHAL ˚º˚º˚º˚º
˚(El Otro Mundo / Friction Recordings / Resource Records)˚
DJs El Gato and Paul Leath combine their respective talents to become tag team Leathal. As part of the respected alternative label El Otro Mundo Productions, Friction Recordings and Bloo Neko. Both are independently strong DJs in their own right having developed their sounds over number of years and traveled worldwide to enhance their individual musical palettes. Along with the new addition The Notorious P.I.G., they host one of the longest running online radio shows in the Bay Area on Common Ground Radio called eomSessions. This weekly show
features local and global DJs and producers.

º˚º˚º˚º˚ CRAIG KUNA ˚º˚º˚º˚º
˚([KONTROL] / Blacklist)˚
Hailing from the once industrial city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Craig found his early tastes in music heavily influenced by the environment that surrounded him. Being brought up on a diet of heavy metal and classic rock, he found himself wielding the proverbial axe at the age of 12. Throughout his teen years, Craig played guitar, bass, and drums in many local Pittsburgh metal and punk bands. During his "rock" years he also started to delve into the worlds of psychadelia, post punk, and Industrial music and in 1993, at age 15, he attended his first rave. The rest is history.

His influences of hard-edged music initially turned his ears towards the gritty sounds of D'n'B and Detroit Techno as his passion for the beat flourished. Within a few years, Craig sold his guitar, bass, and amps to buy his first set of 1200's. He started off playing breakbeats and D'n'B, but soon after found his art in techno, due to it's complexity and his ability to create longer mixes with more minimal tracks. Soon after, in the wake of a burgeoning rave scene, he decided it was time to introduce other people to the music he loved and played, and in 1998, at the ripe old age of 19, he threw his first event.

º˚º˚º˚º˚ JOEL CONWAY ˚º˚º˚º˚º
˚(Bubble / Housepitality / Fellowship)˚
Bubble resident DJ, vinyl aficionado, and a king behind the decks with amazing hair.. brotha J's gonna work it.

•º*˚Come get raised ~ Come be lifted˚*º•

Bubble is Every Thursday
424 Haight Street - Deep Haight, CA 94117
9:09pm-2:00am ~ 21+ ~ Free!

early arrival recommended
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