Blasthaus Presents: DJ Krush + Mophono + Platurn

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DJ KRUSH returns to SF in celebration of his latest release, Butterfly Effect (out the end of September), with support from MOPHONO (Liquid Amber) & PLATURN!!

Breaking 11 years of silence, much anticipated album, Butterfly Effect from DJ KRUSH is about to be released!!

There are so many things happening on our planet, both act of God and all the disasters that human beings make. Very little difference in the initial condition affects everything and it becomes a big difference with time and it appears in front of us. Needless to say, it's not all about bad things. The future that DJ Krush and his guest artists visualize, as little things influence each other intricately... their Butterfly Effect is expressed in the new album.

DJ KRUSH sends out the realness to the world with his first album in almost 11 years. Deep sound resonates through dry and empty space!!

The album will released through the music label „Vinyl Digital“ from Germany. The worldwide Vinyl release date is scheduled for September 26, 2015 (CD & digital release date October 30, 2015).



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