BlackAndWhiteSound w/ Mihai Popoviciu

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Mihai Popoviciu- from Sibiu, Romania, one of the most innovative eastern European producers of electronic music today. Romania’s Mihai has carved out quite the career over the past decade releasing material through the likes of Highgrade, Hudd Traxx, Poker Flat and Fear of Flying. His 'Home' LP was out on Bondage Music May 12th, 2016.

Pornbugs- From the beginning, I.D.O.G. & Crypton aka Pornbugs were connected to electronic music. They started their common career in various clubs and radio stations in Germany in 2000. Their first resident setting followed in 2001 at Halberstadt’s sandstone caves (Subsoil Club), which is one of the most exceptional locations in Germany. January 2006 they started to produce with their own labels called “BONDAGE MUSIC” and "BONDAGE LTD."

Mano&Azteca- Residents of Romania's famous Kudos Beach, released on Cyclic Records, Bondage Music. PREMIER DEBUT in the United States! :)

James Houdini- half of BlackandWhiteSound. Originally from DC, he discovered the underground scene in San Francisco within a few weeks of living in the city by the Bay. He will be providing deep, soulful sounds to warm up the decks on this special evening.



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