Belief Defect Live A/V (SF Debut)

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Gray Area & Direct To Earth present a live audiovisual show by Belief Defect (Raster) for a night of dynamic sound and moving image. Expanding on the confrontational aspect of their music and the violence of sub frequencies, their set will be paired with live visuals that express an explicit social critique and terminal world view expanding on themes from their latest album, Decadent Yet Depraved.
The night will also feature the artists' solo endeavors, with live sets by Hypoxia (drumcell) and Luis Flores, untangling each artist's approach to electronic music. From dance floor to primal anger and self-annihilating noise, to transcendental, ambient escapism and intense self-reflexive sonic layering, the result is a soundtrack for a deeply dynamic night of sound. Max Gardner and Tariq will DJ to round out the night. Zoey Vero will guide the musical lineup with her experimental visuals.
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Belief Defect Live A/V (Drumcell + Luis Flores)[SF Debut]
Hypoxia Live (Drumcell) [SF Debut]
Luis Flores Live
Max Gardner
VISUALS: Zoey Vero



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