Beats of Berlin FT Dahu & GUZY w/ Flopez [Live Art]


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Take a journey with two experts of their musical craft. From Burning Man to Budapest and now Berlin to San Fransico, Dahu and GUZY entrance their audiences with deep bass lines and emotional synth. Don't miss this one.

Visual Art displays by Fernando Lopez with representation by and a chance to mingle with a few of his subjects from prestigious SF Bay ballet and dance companies. Recently returned from years in Russia and Europe, this will be the only opportunity to glimpse Flopez Art in 2019.

Live paintings by Emily Porter and Ashely Josephine.

Sponsored by hushpuff and One Topical Care, providing CBD education.

Dahu: 1130pm - 2am
Guzy: 9pm - 1130pm

21-years or older (:


"Ever since his debut EP ‘Deep In The Woods’ on Steyoyoke in 2012, Dahu has established himself as an integral part of the Steyoyoke family. Overdriven basslines and detuned synthesizers heavy with emotion are signature elements of the young Berlin producer’s characteristic sound.

In 2014 ‘North’ was praised for its singular interplay of atmosphere, musicality and force. ‘North’ saw a more progressive touch emerge within his established style. A string of remixes for established artists such as Soul Button, Robert Babicz and others followed.

‘Sedated’, released on Steyoyoke sub-label and techno imprint Steyoyoke Black in late 2014 saw Dahu delve into darker waters. ‘Sedated’ showcases Dahu’s take on peak time techno and features two original tracks brimming with energy and vitality, yet still laden with haunting emotion.

2015 saw Dahu tour extensively, both solo as well as in tandem with Steyoyoke label head Soul Button, showcasing his take on the sound of Steyoyoke in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East as well as North Africa.

In 2016, Dahu is set to return to Steyoyoke with his fourth studio EP ‘Desolate‘. Funneling a tribal touch into his production, Dahu has crafted a dynamic and melancholy, yet strangely uplifting triumvirate that is set for release in June 2016. Dahu’s defining factor may well be his unflinching ability to constantly reinvent himself with every EP whilst preserving a carefully cultivated sense of eerie musicality."

"David Guzy better known as GUZY (Germany) started DJing by playing Hip Hop and Funk tunes as Guusbert. After being introduced to Electronic Music by his good friend Saalbach, Guzy quickly fell in love. It is in this style that you can hear his passion for the music as he plays with the mixer. His sound is melodic and dreamy, starting with downtempo and journeying through deephouse and Techno sounds.

Guzy's first production came out with Underyourskin Records, and you can find more of his works on Wildfang."



SF also welcomes home Fernando Lopez after a 3-year tour of Russia and Europe where he honed his skills painting and photographing for the prestigious Mariinsky theater. Take a tour through Flopez' newest artistic creations to understand how life on the edge further heightened his mastery of detail and precision.

"Ballet is more than just beauty. It is strength, grace, athleticism, technique and history. My goal in painting ballet is to transport the view into the world of this art form life never before. Full of emotion, beautiful lighting, incredible sets and costumes... along with a history that crosses from Europe, to Russia and finally to America, the world of ballet is a rich and complex visual artist's dream. After 7-years of research and study, (a journey that took me from SF to Russia and various European countries) I have finally applied the first coats of paint to my incredibly realistic and colorful ballet paintings."

Catch a glimpse of his newest creations, and prepare to be amazed. This will be the only opportunity to catch a glimpse of his work in 2019.


Emily Porter

"EP's work is inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Nothwest. As a child she loved to explore the towering mountains, dense forests, ancient totem poles, and salty coastline of her native British Columbia. The forest became a spiritual experience, and the gilded icons of the cathedrals of her youth merged with pines trees, fresh air, and roaring rivers. Her unique style is recognizable in her blending of bright cartoon-like psychedelia and lush natural landscape.

In 2013 EP began an interest in acrylic paint and has been pushing it around canvas and almost anything else since. EP's expressions oscillate with vibrant colours and intricate twisting designs drawn from work with entheogens, meditation and spiritual practice, folklore, religious iconography, and the all the dynamic emotions that come with the experience of being human."


Ashely Josephine

"From a young age Ashely’s parents encouraged her already abundant creativity as a method of assisting her human and spiritual development. At age 15, she began painting in response to the conflict between her internal and external environment, and as a means for internal exploration.

Primarily a painter, she also studied graphic design, and photography, graduating in 2011 with a BA in Studio Art. She is currently living in Nevada City, CA. where she works freelance in a variety of different fields, including painting, digital illustration, graphics & websites, teaching, and tattoo."


Again, this is a 21-year or older event.
Set times subject to change.
Artists subject to change.
No refunds.



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