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Hi everyone, atish here. I've recently been reflecting on my favorite gigs around the world, and the shows where I play extended sets in intimate spaces come to mind as some of the best. Relatedly, my favorite nights out as an attendee tend to be on smaller dance floors where I get to hear DJs play 4+ hours and take me on the proverbial musical journey.

It occurred to me that the last time I played an extended set in an intimate room in my beloved hometown San Francisco was 5 years ago at 222 Hyde! That's far too long a gap for me, so I decided to put together this small night to my liking: a chance to play in my own city, in the size of room that I prefer, with a set length that I prefer, for the audience that's supported me over the years. I'm really looking forward to doing this, and given the thoughtful feedback I've received over the years, I think this might be the kind of evening appeals to some of you as well.

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