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It is time for some Appreciation.
Come out Dec 8th as we bring it back with more good music than should be allowerd in one place. We've been excited to do something special like this since we got back from Burning Man & can't wait to level the vibes together! Don't miss out & don't settle for less<3
~You Are Appreciated~

〰️•▶︎ MINNESOTA ◀︎•〰️
~•▶︎ OSHI ◀︎•~
⌁•▶︎ SOBER ROB ◀︎•⌁
•▶︎ MIHKAL ◀︎•
•▶︎ Carly D ◀︎•
•▶︎ Blaow! ◀︎•
▶︎ ?westion ◀︎
▶︎ Kn!cker Bvcher ◀︎

Christian Bauhofer, known by his fans as his party-crushing alter ego Minnesota, is one of the most innovative and proficient electronic producers to come out of the West Coast bass music movement. His sound breaks away from the various subgenres of EDM but holds onto origins of dubstep and hip-hop, creating a truly authentic experience for his audience. Early on in his career Minnesota said, “My goal is to make bass heavy dubstep/glitch-hop music that’ll get you dancing, but it is not the same old three note transformer step... I try to focus more on the melodic side of dubstep, and hopefully, make quality songwriting a more relevant factor in the genre.” For the past four years Minnesota has followed through on his word and designed smooth, melodic, uplifting sounds, which fans have celebrated nationwide. So far in his career, Minnesota has traveled to over 50 cities and performed at nearly every major festival nationwide. Last year he headlined his first two tours, and performed with the likes of STS9, Big Gigantic, MiMOSA and Gramatik. His music has been lauded by the likes of Bassnectar, Adventure Club, Paper Diamond and many others in his genre. Discussing Minnesota’s track “Push It,” Bassnectar once commented, “[It’s] quickly becoming a staple in my sets,” and “perfect for when I need a track that is epic and churning but also melodically hyped.” The support of Minnesota’s management team, agency, and some of the world’s greatest artists can only attribute to his hunger for more time spent on the road and in the studio. To those that haven’t had the opportunity to see Minnesota perform, make sure to be on the lookout for the next time he rolls into your city. To put it lightly, Minnesota is a name to watch.

From the humble beginnings of a local DJ, through to headlining famous club nights and parties on either sides of the globe, Oshi’s musical career has been a rocky ride to the stars. His technical ability to pull sounds from the most unlikely range of genres, combined to provide audibly stunning tracks and remixes has given him somewhat of an impressive reputation in and out of industry circles. Starting in 2000 as a DJ for the first independent radio station in his native France, Oshi’s skills as a turntablist and Electronic Hip Hop producer forced him into the limelight. He was quickly given the opportunity to present his own Hip Hop show, gaining the respect of both his peers and his rivals. As a producer, Oshi has many advantages when it comes to DJing and with so many years spent invested in the music that he loves, OSHI’s skills allows him to use a unique method for creating original sets for his audience. Simply through conversation, the emotion and passion he feels is evident and is reflected throughout his work. OSHI has been smashing dancefloors and never failing to deliver an unforgettable night ever since.
"Oshi is a rare talent that can afford to play what people will only dare to play after tomorrow" Gong Gong

Sober Rob-
Sober Rob attended Berklee College of Music and has been playing viola since he was eight years old. Over the course of the past few years, he’s been incorporating this classical background into his current style of production. At points, Sober Rob’s music sounds like a corroding machine trying to speak like a human, combining distorted and sporadic squeaks with glitchy synths and heavy basses, all backed up with engaging and melodic harmonies. He began by listening to dubstep, then transitioned to experimental trailblazers like Flume and Mr. Carmack. ‘One of the main things I try to do is to never fully move away from something I’ve learned or liked for a while…I’m always incorporating my favorite aspects from different styles of production,’ he states ‘I feel like that’s what eventually creates a sound that’s both yours and unique.’

Stylust Beats-
Known for his sleeveless, whimsical synergy with the fans, Geoff “Stylust Beats” Reich has been creating his own counterculture since he was a teenager. A skate punk and hip-hop devotee, this groundbreaking DJ’s talent for fusing rap hooks and dubstep bass with multiple music genres has earned him the rep as a creative renegade carving his own path. With a style that captivates lovers of all music, the Canadian-bred San Francisco DJ has emerged as a frontrunner in the new wave of industry heavyweights. In a interview for MusicYouNeed, this stereophonic chameleon explains the method to his madness, “My goal is to make timeless bass music: I try to make every track an epic melodic adventure through many different genres.” With unabashed rebellion and seamless finesse, Stylust is showing no sign of backing down from the innovative stylism that has earned him well over a million SoundCloud plays to date.
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