Another Intimate Night with Perfect Stranger

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We are back at the Public Works Loft with Perfect Stranger and DJ Boris Levit Saturday November 3rd. Closing the summer in full force, we hope to see all of our family out on the dance floor light hearted and silly.

9:30pm-11:00pm Boris Levit
11:00pm-3:30am Yuli Fershtat / Perfect Stranger

Live Multimedia Visual Performance by our friends Samadhi Vision

Boris Levit, known to some as Dr. Borrris is a rare Tech Dinosaur. 20 years ago Boris was a night life enigma, photoshooting and reporting the party scene whilst playing vinyl every night of the weekend more or less in Tel Aviv (that's how Boris and Yuli first met). Somehow, he still manages to perform that weekend drill, making sure that everything is perfectly tuned at The Public Works SF. In between, Boris managed to create and run the most influential outdoor party concept in Israel "The 3rd Empire", which was followed by the two Epic TAZ festivals in the Israeli desert. Boris eventually found his way to the west coast of the US and became quite the Burning Man fanatic that arrives first to build and last to leave after everything is dismantled. At the meanwhile you can find him at DISTRIKT doing what he was doing 20 years ago.

Yuli aka Perfect Stranger, met Boris some 20 years ago as above mentioned, and since, the universe made them cross paths quite often. Perfect Stranger was one of the most booked artists for "The 3rd Empire" events and later he performed memorable sets on both TAZ Festivals. Universe conspired again many years later, making the two neighbours in their homes way away from home.

In the last few years Boris and Yuli shared quite a few events together on same stage, like few Symbiosis Gathering events where Boris managed the Sun stage, or making parties together, but never since the move to the Bay they shared the stage as DJ's.

So here it comes, the Collision, The clash of Titans, the Batman vs Superman, the Cobra vs Mongoose, the Lakers vs the Celtics, the Blues Bro's - can you handle the excitement? We can't.



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