Anja Schneider and Sian

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Berlin is in the HOUSE with dynamo Anja Schneider and Dublins own SIAN (OFFICIAL PAGE)!!!! With support from Matthias Link and Jill McDonald.

Tables- 415-996-9822

Anja Shneider-
DJ, producer, radio broadcaster, label owner, tireless creative force, mentor and mother, Anja Schneider continues to create, reinvent and reinvigorate in 2017.

A fresh chapter will begin this autumn with Sous Music, Schneider's new creative outlet and label project. The first release will be none-other-than Anja's first album in nine years, titled 'SoMe', a work that embracing influences from across the electronic spectrum and rates as her finest work to date.

Sous, in turn, will be the most personal project of the artist's career, the name coming from her mother's family: "The name connects me to my roots, which for me, has provided the foundation for my lifelong passion and career in music. My family has supported me at every stage of my career and I would not be here without them. Likewise, every single key relationship in my life has come about through music. This simple connection is what the label is about."

The move comes after 12 years at the helm of mobilee, the label and collective she founded in 2005. Over the ensuing years, Anja played a pivotal role in developing and nurturing a roster of artists that included Pan-Pot, Sebo K, Rodriguez Jr., Kevin Over and more. Additionally, mobilee and its sister label Leena Music played host to some of the earliest releases by Maya Jane Coles, Solomun and Nicole Moudaber, well before the artists became the household rave names they are today, reinforcing Anja's position as one of the industry's finest talent scouts.

This deft ear for unearthing and supporting electronic music stretches back to Anja's earliest days in Berlin throughout the 90s, beginning her career as a radio producer for Kiss FM. Following this, she would take up her first presenting role at Fritz FM where she hosted the weekly 'Dance Under The Blue Moon', the city's longest running underground dance music radio show between 2000-2017. In May this year, she begun a new era in broadcasting when she moved to Radio Eins, one of the largest broadcasters in Berlin to host 'Club Room' every Friday night. Over a 17-year period, she has introduced a generation of Berliners to electronic music. From July this year, Anja also begun a dedicated 'Club Room' show on France's Radio FG.

Once famously dubbed a 'perpetual motion machine', Schneider's non-stop energy and work ethic is near legendary. Continually seeking to push herself creatively with new artistic projects, showcasing exciting new talent via her radio show and labels, and touring the world week in, week out at clubs and festivals this year including fabric, Elrow, Rex Club, Oasis Festival, Hideout Festival, BPM Portugal, Sommerøya and more.

Adhering more to the avant-garde side of club culture, Sian represents an otherworldly, slow,dark and hypnotic slant on machine made music.Boldly crossing borders between Techno,Hip-Hop,Dub or Acid,his fearless stance as an experimental electronic artist has seen him crush clubs and festivals worldwide each week with explosive DJ sets.His label,Octopus Recordings,has continuously burnt the rulebook on main-stage hits,broke countless future heroes, and is ranked amongst the highest selling Techno labels.Exploring sonic,visual, and physical artforms,Sian and Octopus have collaborated with video artists,streetwear makers,skaters and vocalists to continuously push the collective vision into new territory.Developing his like minded roster crew further with each step,Sian is bringing Octopus Recordings highly polished monochrome aesthetics to sold out label showcases across the plane



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