Animal Collective DJ Set ft. Avey Tare + Geologist

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Kick off the 25th annual Noise Pop 2017 with sound inspired science.

Music by Animal Collective (DJ Set)
featuring Avey Tare & Geologist
Support by Push the Feeling DJs
Presented by Noise Pop

Beauty is in the ear of the beholder this week as Noise Pop Music and Arts Festival takes over NightLife for an evening exploring the science of sound—just in time for Noise Pop’s 25th anniversary.

In the Piazza, catch a DJ set from acclaimed experimental pop band Animal Collective.

At 7:30 pm, check out sound-inspired storytelling during a live taping of the Phonographic Memory Podcast in African Hall. Then, get immersed in a “sound bath” during Waveforms of Life: The Science, Art, and Experience of Sound, an interactive exercise and discussion about the impact and power of sound in our daily lives.

In the Coral Reef, groove to disco and indie house from Push the Feeling DJs and experiment with one of the more sci-fi inspired instruments - The Theremin.

At the Project Lab, lend your ear (and brain!) to neuroscientists looking to share their latest research. Ever wonder how our brains help us keep the beat? Neuroscientist Matt Schalls will break down how human brains detect patterns in music. Plus, discover how we make sense of natural sounds, learn how animals use echolocation, and chat about the fascinating world of ant communication with entomologists from AntWeb.



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