Animal Bottoms


Q.R.S. present Animal Bottoms welcoming special guest Mike Frugaletti!

Hey Animals…

Here we are again...hard to believe it’s been 6 months since our inception. This month we present to you the one and only Mike Frugaletti. This Bay Area native found his way to house music through dance. Spinning the summer days and cool crisp nights round and round with a smooth 6-step, he’d pause the inertia with a tight freeze only to pop back into a flare and now the party’s roaring. It’s real, and so is the vetted community of friends and family he invites to the ceremony. We’re pumped.

And here it is. Mike invites our new animal totem, the Puma! Descending from rocky mountain crags she crouches, patiently surveying the remote environ…. Meanwhile all us cubs are playing together up the hill, oblivious to her dedication to nurture our bellies and our spirit... Ripping through the vast wilderness, out for that precious vital prize...she returns and we dine like kings and queens-- on April 15th. Whatever, get your bad selves out here. We’ll dance, and share this incredible life we’re building together. Much love, looking forward to seeing y’all there.

Bay area native Mike Frugaletti was brought up in a life of music on the other side of the decks as a b-boy and spectator. Witnessing countless sets from prominent DJs such as Derrick Carter, Doc Martin and the Wicked Crew his passion for music and led him to a meteoric rise in the bay area as a DJ and producer. Over the years he cultivated many relationships and held down residencies at the infamous Kit Kat parties held at the SF staple The Endup and DHP (Deep house project) events which occurred all over the bay area. Always a music lover and player he tested the production waters and quickly rose to the challenge releasing tracks on various labels across the world, including bay area famed Tango recordings, Brazilian-based Lunatic Jazz and Warner Music Brazil. In 2006 Frugaletti followed his path to Rio de Janeiro, where he remained for close to 10 years, DJing, producing and throwing events all across the country. Working in collaboration with some of Brazil's most talented musicians, making not only electronic music but Brazilian rare groove, funk, blues, and hip-hop. His events became one of the highlights of Rio, hosted at the top of the Vidigal Favela, with a 360-degree view of the city, playing host to various guests from across the globe, including world renowned Giles Peterson.

Mike Frugaletti

Resident selectors:
Jeffrey Spaulding

Matthew Loves

Animal Bottoms is a community event centered around a loving vibe that encourages acceptance and self-expression. We do our absolute best to hold these values sacred and intentionally do so by curating the best all vinyl acts amplified by our Turbo Sound system. Come wet your ears and feel the bass. Come bare yourself on the dance floor and engage each other with love and compassion. Whatever your style, just come and be with your Bay Area friends and family.

5$ at the Door. 21, and over.



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