All Day I Dream of Golden Days


PRE-SALE: FEB 27th @ 10AM


June 20th, 2020
Golden Gate Park - West Hellman Hollow
800 John F Kennedy Dr
San Francisco, CA 94121




All Day I Dream returns to San Francisco on its annual pilgrimage to the park…Golden Gate park. There’s definitely no better place to spend an afternoon with friends and beautiful strangers, dancing in the sunshine and blissing out to the magical, melodious musical soundtrack. If you’ve not joined us the past few years where on earth have you been?? It’s a lot of fun. Promise! See you soon fellow dreamers, lovers, artists, creatives, burners, and friends.


Come enjoy:
- Delicious local food trucks

- Yoga and opening ceremony with sound healing, massages, chakra balancing and face painting, and live art.

- Plenty of lush green grass areas for picnicking and dancing under the sun (so don't forget your blanket).

- Vendors selling clothing, jewelry, and art for your favorite excursions to the Playa!

- The Pegoda Production and Decor — by the All Day I Dream production crew - we will be shipping all the production, sound, and decor for this special 1 day event.


There are some questions and unknowns floating around for our All Day I Dream at Golden Gate Park event. So, we thought we write a few things to guide you and to help answer some of your questions so you can best experience an afternoon at All Day I Dream.

- Parking is VERY LIMITED! We highly recommend taking public transportation or Uber/Lyft. If you have to drive please be responsible and do not drink and drive. As you may know, Golden Gate Park has limited public street parking.

- 21+ only (and therefore no kids allowed) - don’t forget to bring your ID. This will be strictly enforced as we will have bars inside the event area.

- No tents, canopies, or stakes in the grass (not allowed by Golden Gate Park).

- Pack a blanket and picnic - we’ll have food-trucks, but outside food is also allowed. It’s a massive grassy area so bring your favourite comfort blanket so you’ll have a place to take a break from dancing and chill with friends both old and new.

- Bring warm clothes just in case - forecast is showing a sunny warm day, but it is the city on the Bay, so as you know conditions can change fast at anytime. Don't let the weather make you shiver :)

- Come early!! the event starts at 12:00pm and ends at 7pm sharp (due to strict park rules). We will have special activities to open the event including an opening sound healing ceremony, followed by an acoustic live performance from Double Touch, and delicious food will be served all day. There’s also typically less waiting in lines before 2pm. Join us early and find a primo spot to layout your blanket.

- NO LITTERING -- We know you know but please leave no trace behind> We are really lucky to get to party in the park so let’s respect this beautiful space and help keep it beautifully clean. There will be plenty of trash containers and recycling / compost options. Place your recycling and trash in the designated trash bins. Thanks!

- Smoking is not allowed - Please be aware that there is no smoking allowed in all of Golden Gate Park. These are city and park rules that apply to all areas of the park, outside and inside our event area. Ninjas with fire extinguishers are rumoured to be roaming the party blasting your selfish smoking ass with water! Ok, that last bits a lie but still. NO SMOKING!!

- No pets or dogs. But service animals are allowed.

- Free Water - don't forget your water canteen. Please only bring a personal canteen to fill up with water and conserve for others.

- Picnics are allowed but no outside liquids (security check will be searching all bags).

- Address: Hellman Hollow Meadow in Golden Gate Park, 880 John F Kennedy Dr, San Francisco, CA 94121

We are proud to partner with San Francisco Recreation & Parks.
Golden Gate Park is the largest urban city park in the US (fun fact: 20% larger than Central Park!). Learn about all the amazing things to do in the park during your visit from Japanese Tea Gardens to Academy of Sciences:

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