Aftertouch w/ Rhadoo (In the Loft)


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Rhadoo, a name that needs no introduction in the underground music scene. Born in Romania, Rhadoo is one of the founding members of the [ a:rpia:r ] trio, along with Raresh and Petre Inspirescu.
His unique dj-ing style has earned him a place in Resident Advisor’s top 100 world wide best artists. His productions, mostly unreleased, are the pure essence of what defined the Romanian underground music scene for such a long time. Rhadoo is, without any doubt, one of the pioneers of minimal house and minimal techno, pushing the boundaries of this style to realms only few could have imagined it was possible.

Aftertouch and Public Works are proud to host Rhadoo, an artist that will surely make it into the history books of electronic music.

Rhadoo [ [a:rpia:r] ]
Deyan [ Aftertouch ]
Louiv [ Aftertouch ]

* Public Works Loft



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