After Dawn with Experimental Housewife, Andy Kershaw& Sinéad

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After Dawn is a weekly Sunday morning party that takes place at Monroe SF

>>> Experimental Housewife ( Jacktone Records/ Run The Length Of Your Wildness/ Perfect Location)
Experimental Housewife is exactly what you'd think: an experimental DJ and producer. With an impeccable taste in house, deep house, and techno classics, ExHouse often slices through all genres with her hard techno and noise side. Also a drummer and professor, ExHouse is moreover a longstanding collector -- and selector -- of electronic music. Her sets are bizarre treats replete with force and nostalgic layers. Whether you're in for a gnarly set or something eclectic and narrational, you can always sense her percussionist mind, academic technique, and house music heart.

>>> Andy Kershaw ( Cosmic Disco/ As You Like It/ Slinky)
Andy’s contributions to dance culture and community over the years are numerous. Sometimes label manager, sometimes promoter, always a DJ, he has been on a larger radar as of late as a doer and community figurehead. Notable recent achievements include: co-founder and label manager of 3AM Devices, prominent contributor to the globally-respected SF outfit As You Like It, and resident DJ at Slinky - California’s longest running House Music campout. Cosmic Disco, launching early 2018, is his latest project – both a label and a party whose name personifies Andy’s sound: “From Disco to Techno, with all the House in between.”

>>> Sinéad (Cosmic Disco)



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