After Dawn w/ J-Kind, Jean-Philippe, Elvi, David Paul


After Dawn is a weekly Sunday morning party at Monroe

About this weeks line up :

J-KIND is an underground DJ/Producer currently residing in San Francisco, California. His diverse and eclectic style transcends many genres, and is currently focused on his burning passion for tech house. Listening to a J-KIND mix is inevitably a deep journey through various moods, and listeners are guaranteed a thrilling exploration of various emotions set to relentless, funky beats. Whether or not it's deep, introspective, jazzy, urgent or imperative, your neck is guaranteed to move to the beat once he works the dancefloor into a frenzy with the bottomless crate of jewels in his crate. As he continues his quest for new sounds, you can be assured that whether or not he's spinning vinyl, cd's or using live instruments or software, you will notice what he calls "the beauty and power of DJ'ng - the ability to mix two tracks so creatively and uniquely, that a new song is created from the merger."

Jean-Philippe is a techno DJ from San Francisco, who has played events featuring labels such as Drumcode, Intec, Soma, Polegroup, Sci+Tec, and Octopus.He's a resident with the city's prominent techno collective Robot Ears.

David Paul
Though a relatively new DJ, David Paul has had his heart deeply rooted in House & Techno music for over 15 years. David Paul always had a great ear for and flavor in House/Techno, and also always had the desire to share the music with others. Ever since his first time on the decks, he has been able to get the crowd's feet moving and hands in the air with his incredible track selections. David Paul has also co-created Funky Teknomics Radio with partner Cris Zuniga. Together they began a local internet radio show, showcasing some of the best local DJs and music. They later began a monthly party that moved to a new venue in SF each month, known as "The SF Tour" by Funky Teknomics. As a duo and collaboration, they have been able to take their music, gigs, positive vibes & love of underground music.


Joey Moretti



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