After Dawn Feat. Mozhgan, Elz and Lily Ackerman


>>>Mozhgan (We Are Monsters)

Mozhgan is a DJ based in San Francisco, California. Since 2011 she has been throwing one of SF's most musically diverse dance events, We Are Monsters, where she is a Resident DJ. Combining elements of Cosmic Disco, Cold Wave, Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Rock, Industrial, and EBM with House and Techno, the monthly event has brought together forward thinking DJs and crowds in an intimate setting

>>> Elz (Common Ground, Kazbah)

Elz brings a blend of oldschool funky flavor and dirty deep organic tech house sounds to her beats. Being known for genre bending and crowd pleasing, she has mastered the art of reading the crowd and adjusting her sound to fit the mood and setting of any party while always maintaining her musical integrity. Growing up listening to oldschool breakbeats, techno, and house music from DJ Dan and Mark Farina along with discovering classic rock, jazz, hip-hop, and funk music she learned how to incorporate all of these elements together to create some serious flavor.

>>> Lily Ackerman (Diacritic Collective, Celect SF)

Since Lily Ackerman started playing classical piano at age eight, music has been a part of her life. Although it took more than twenty years, she eventually evolved from a classical music performer into an electronic music producer. Electronic music came into her life in 2010, when she discovered the underground house and techno scene in San Francisco. After spending a year in various clubs and underground locations, she wanted to expand her involvement in the music scene and started producing in late 2011. She released two EPs on Mioli Music in 2013 and a remix on Friends with Benefits Records in 2014. Starting in 2015, Lily shifted gears from production to DJing and plays vinyl sets in various locations around San Francisco. She is a co-founder of the Diacritic Collective, a tight-knit group of friends who share the same passion for music - making it, digging for it, and sharing it with others, especially vinyl.



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