After Dawn Feat. Lisa Rose, Shane Fontane and Jill McDonald

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After Dawn this Sunday for a very special Nocturnal Code takeover

>>> Lisa Rose (NOCTURNAL code)
No stranger to the game, Lisa Rose has been in the mix for over 8 years. Lisa has been a fixture in SF’s underground electronic music scene. Clubbing and record collecting were an essential part of her life; so much so that she often found herself introducing music from abroad to her A list DJ friends. It was soon widely known that Lisa had an ear for music that was more than a love of dance music. Subtle nuances and the ability to accurately predict the success a tune would have on the dance floor made Lisa a valuable asset to many top DJs. Lisa was not content to be the muse of others, she knew that behind the decks was where she wanted to be.Lisa has the fluidity down with her complex music choices and thoughtful interplay between tracks.

>>> Shane Fontane ( A Deep Within)
San Francisco-based Shane Fontane is a techno DJ, producer and vocalist. His sound is defined by deep driving beats and subversive rhythms inspired by mysticism, psychedlia and that haze-induced after-hours vibe. For years Shane crafted his sound and through time explored many musical directions. His techno witchcraftesque sound is loved by many DJs and labels alike, from Funk’n Deep, to Human Garden Music, Clandestine Recordings, Aerotek, Bump and more.

>>> Jill McDonald (Modular)



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