7 Years Of DTE w/ Heiko Laux, Truncate


Heiko Laux (Kanzerlamt, Ovum)
Truncate (50 Weapons, Droid Behavior, Blueprint)
Max Gardner (Direct to Earth, Excise)
Indy Nyles (Direct to Earth, Important Jogger)
Muon (live) (Direct to Earth, Excise)
bob five (Direct to Earth, Vinyl Dreams)
Tariq (Direct to Earth)

VISUALS: Pixelpusher

From the small Sunday weekly, to an Oakland First Friday party, to renegade afterparties, to undergrounds in various buildings, creating once in a lifetime experiences, eventually moving into club nights and landing in our current home of F8. What a trip. What the hell have we been doing and why have we been doing it? The answer is, simply, ZORG. In fact, ZORG is the answer to life and if you still don't know what that means then this night is your chance to find out. We'll have some of our favorite artists and people curating our journey through space. Truncate and Heiko Laux are both very influential figures in our techno land. We're lucky to call them our friends and we couldn't think of anyone better to take part in this special family occasion.

Here's to techno, Here's to you


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