6th Annual Steampunk Masquerade - Steampunk City!

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All aboard!

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The Steampunk Masquerade is back for the sixth year running, and this time your favorite Steampunk Airship is taking flight across the great San Francisco Bay for another remarkable night of dress-up, dancing, danger, and debauchery at Public Works!

We're bringing one of the Bay's most immersive events to the Big City; expect the unexpected and explore 3 stages of music & performance, interact with numerous art pieces, and of course discover other fun surprises.

Grab your tickets now and don't miss out on:

// Big art
// A participant fueled experience; dress up and be the fun!
// Five lineups of Airpusher curated, Top Shelf dance music
// Steampunk Promenade Happy Hour (7-9pm) with live performance, costume contests, photos booths, vendors, more!
// Cray on-stage shenanigans; dance, aerial, live music, booty shaking for drinks, you know how we roll
// The most merriment you'll have with your friends this side of Black Rock City!

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS PARTY WILL SELL OUT!! We're passing the savings of doing this event at brick and mortar club on to you, but cheaper tickets and smaller space means that we will not be able to fit all you crazy Steampunk Freaks in the door! BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW AND PLEASE DON'T CRY AT US IF YOU MISS OUT.


6PM - 9PM - Steampunk Promenade Happy Hour!!!
Come Early for Drink Specials, Burlesque, Variety Show,
Costume Contest and Other Games! Hosted by Faymus

___)'(__)'(__)'(____FEATURED DJs____)'(__)'(__)'(___

We have 5 lineups ready to get you dancing!!!!

♫ - Tasha Blank

Founder of The Get Down, Tasha lives in service of DANCE, which is the quickest path to love in the here + now.
She creates events that disrupt the status quo by injecting incredible beats with the intention to let wild our most liberated badassery.
A mainstay at high energy NYC dance parties and the international festival circuit, her DJ sets meet you in the moment, and invite you on a physio-sonic trip into a newer, bigger you.

♫ - Dj Mes

Bay-Area bred DJ Mes (a.k.a. Jason Sutton) rarely slows his groove. Since the 2004 inception of his Oakland-based label, Guesthouse Music, Mes has produced a prolific catalogue of tracks that continue to scorch dance floors from east coast to west coast and across the world. As a DJ, his sets have inspired; as a producer, his tracks have shot up the charts. His mix of disco beats with bass-heavy rhythms keep him at the forefront of the underground house sound.

___)'(__)'(__)'(____LOCAL LEGENDS____)'(__)'(__)'(___

♫ - ShOOey
♫ - Syd Gris
♫ - Dulce Vita
♫ - Nugz
♫ - Jessica Stanell
♫ - Spacecamp
♫ - Dj Now
♫ - Alastair
♫ - Adeli
♫ - Aiko
♫ - Buddy System
♫ - Ginger Kat
♫ - Nino Musko
♫ - Christina Tsakona
♫ - Daniela Meow

___)'(__)'(__)'(____AIRPUSHER DJs____)'(__)'(__)'(___

♫ - CPTN Jay
♫ - J-Kind
♫ - Jonathan Barnes
♫ - Dj Cue
♫ - Black Velveteen
♫ - Edmundo
♫ - Jæ
♫ - Deadbeatz
♫ - Circuit Jerks
♫ - Kareem.J
♫ - Yodav







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