4theluv R&B Party


"4THE LUV" is a premium event that is being offered to the public for Free (Before Midnight). Allow us to provide exactly what you need to rid yourself of all of the week's stresses. COME TURN UP AND SHOW OUT!
Although we are an R&B focused party, the last thing we want to do is keep you from other genres you love. You should expect to also be uplifted by the sweet sounds of Trap, the ’90s, ’00s, Throwbacks, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, and Reggaeton. Our goal is to bring people from all walks of life together and have the best time possible.
No BS at the door, no discrimination period. We want you singing and dancing all night long. Dasssit.
Susan at work getting on your nerves? Studying for a test, or writing a big paper melting your brain? Say No More, "4theluv" is the perfect remedy for a difficult week. We are the ultimate party experience in an intimate setting, with like-minded individuals. All we want is a party in a safe setting with good music and even better drinks. Not only are the drinks delicious, but we guarantee the prices will be extremely reasonable too. People tend to Turn UP in more ways that one. Please have fun but act responsibly.
UBER or LYFT is highly recommended.
4THELUV was founded on the premise of community and living through giving. I have been fortunate to travel around the world, thanks to my love for music and thought it would be nice to pay that love forward to the community that made me. What better than providing a great experience for free with some of the incredible DJ’s I’ve been privileged to meet along my journey?
Proceeds from this event will also be used to create a scholarship to Camp Spin-Off for a well deserving teen or two who can benefit from the financial assistance. Camp Spin-Off is an overnight week-long camp teaching teens production and DJ technical and business skills.
If you do decide to drive, there is a parking lot next door to the venue that charges $10, early arrival is suggested since the lot can only accommodate so many cars. If you're down for a walk there is also a good amount of street parking.
“Free Before Midnight” guarantees your entry anytime before midnight as long as we are not at capacity.
“Free Anytime Ticket” are limited so act fast. You will be granted entry anytime during the party hours as long as we are not at capacity.
“$10 Arrive Anytime TIckets” Grants you priority entry anytime and allows you to skip the line. Non Refundable
See you soon!!







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